About Us

It’s more than just outsourcing, it’s service management.


YesPay! is part of HRnetGroup. Based in Singapore, YesPay! offers top-notch and hassle-free HR services and Payroll solutions using global cutting edge technology and infrastructure that exceeds the average industry standards.

Our proprietary & unified platform provides a cloud service available on web and mobile, bettering user experience through the ease of usage and convenience. YesPay! offers HR and Payroll solutions throughout the region across all industries and sectors in Asia.

As one of the leading service providers of HR and Payroll solutions, YesPay! achieves uncompromised efficiency, service quality and certified data security regardless of services rendered. As YesPay! provides uniquely tailored solutions to each clients, customers streamline their work processes to reap the benefits of cost control and increased productivity.

Who We Are


A quality that allows those who have helped each individual through their journey to feel appreciated


Being quick to recover from set-backs & continue pressing on


A display of commitment to our promises to clients


Have the fire and urge to continue exceling in all aspects of our business

Our DNA serves as a pillar symbolizing who we are & how the team operates on a daily basis.

These engines ensure that no matter how unique a problem your organization has, you will expect to receive nothing but the best practices in service and delivery. To our core; we live our DNA.

Our Story

YesPay! Logo

With this symbol we summarize that life is simple and gives rewards when you have a positive attitude towards it.

The logo design for YESPAY! reflects this fresh and innovative attitude that is always thinking of moving forward, solving the needs of our customers efficiently.

We add the letter "Y" for YES and mark "!" which means surprised by new things every day, color palette was used in blue tones that convey professionalism, trust, authority, power and loyalty, thus creating a brand that shows that life is full of new and positive things and YESPAY! each day has its reward.

Our Approach


Client Centric Approach—with trusted relationships with clients

Priding ourselves daily on professionalism in consultancy, service delivery & back-end support


Uniquely tailored & flexible solutions provisions to clients

In-house team based in Singapore — Assurance of fast support

Strong expertise in service quality


Comprehensive end-to-end features

Connected HCM platform across multiple countries — Assurance of statutory compliance for each country

Platform diversity — Our flexible platform offers consolidated reporting in various currencies & languages