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When great minds come together, extraordinary things happen.

Our culture

YesPay! is where great minds come together, establishing our basis of services and solutions that are specially tailor made for each unique client. No two clients are treated the same, and each idea formed is simply magic created for our clients.

Through our innovative technologies, platforms, mobile apps and tailor made services and solutions, we empower our clients and give them access to kickstart a better business future for their organization. We have touched lives of many clients and continuously strive to bring more positive impacts for our clients.

Your journey towards personal growth, well-being, productivity, mindfulness and more starts right here with YesPay!

Our unique and one of a kind company culture makes YesPay! an organization to work for today. Our culture fuels our constant growth and accelerates our productivity.

You might wonder what’s the secret behind our success — Our constant focus on happiness, growth, abundance and making a difference brings a positive impact to our team and our clients.

Campus Recruitment

The recruitment of fresh talents from various universities

Seeking fresh talents with an open and receptive mindset to contribute to the Human Resources and Outsourcing sector

Constant renewal of manpower for business continuity and sustainability

Welcoming creative ideas and HR solutions to maintain competitiveness and relevancy

How is Campus Recruitment done:

Recruitment Drive

Career Talks

Networking Sessions

Stages of Campus Recruitment

Annual Campus Recruitment Drive

Come have a Chat!

Getting to know each candidate

Short Interview

Face to face interviews

Shortlisted candidates will be requested
to attend an interview at YesPay!

Final presentation assessment

The MA Program

The MA Program is a 6 months’ probation where fresh graduates embark on structured training journey.

The objective of the program aims to condition graduates to understand the key dynamics of HR BPO function. Graduates will be expected to meet and deliver tangible business results, given the empowerment to manage accounts end to end. This autonomy to maintain and grow key accounts disciplines graduates to be a trusted HR professional regardless of industry, particularly in the outsourcing sector.

What to expect from MA Program:

Intensive 6 months’ training program

Fast paced end to end LIVE account management and solution implementation

Unlimited opportunities to explore individual potential and corresponding specialization

Management Associates

Hear from our previous management associates who have progressed!



I got in touch with different clients in varied industries, formulated solutions to solve clients’ problems, worked closely with backend to deliver our services or solutions.



With the opportunity for cross departmental exposure, the company provides ample resources for new hires to find their footing in order to play to their strengths.


NUS, BSocSci (Hons)

I was surprised at the amount of attention and trust given to the rookies by our leaders and the level of eagerness of my seniors to push me for higher achievement.

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Join us if you align with our goals to bring greatness & magic into the HR & Payroll world. Impacting thousands of lives with our own personal touch towards greatness.

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