What We Do

It’s more than just managing transaction, it’s value added transformation.


Leverage on an external institution – as your trusted partner with consultative HR and Payroll knowledge with a partner that you trust.

Servicing market leaders on their needs in HR and Payroll processes, YesPay! recognizes the good practices within each sector and industry to better manage each and every customer. Solutions and services span the Payroll Continuum, assisting our clients in the automation of numerous operational tasks to release talents for more strategic purposes. Jump on to the bandwagon – scroll to find out more on how YesPay! can assist to level up your business to a more competitive edge.

Time & Attendance Managed Services

Automation and streamlining of your employees’ time attendance tracking and planning makes original work processes involved – a hassle free one!

The days of using time cards and time-sheets are over. More can be achieved paperless! With our professional consultation and detailed execution, we support our clients in accurately tracking clock data, automating calculation of time-dependent incentives and extracting payroll-ready reports for less human intervention.

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