Case Study

World-renown Japanese construction MNC takes control of its additional costs of overpayments


Being crowned the largest construction guru globally, and having 20 offices globally, this organization takes the construction industry by storm with its various R&D and construction projects. Now standing at 406 years old, this organization brings the best talent for its clients in the business, and has constantly been building some of the world’s most beautiful buildings and structures that it has been contracted to. Winning numerous awards for building and construction, this 406-year-old organization is heading for greater success and achievement in its industry.


Inaccurate NT and OT hours tracking

OT payments on up-trend due to abuse & mishandling


Real time working hours tracking based on employee self-service

Minimize mishandling and human error in payroll computation

Reduce overpayments and risk of non-compliance / loss of company revenue


Building and Construction