Case Study

Japanese Precision Engineering giant achieves higher efficiency by deploying integrated HCM solutions


Standing at 104-year-old, and being one of the oldest precision engineering firms known world-wide, our client has been the top supplier and manufacturer in its industry. This organization started out with a small business of manufacturing gas engines for its clients, and slowly progressing to other various parts of precision engineering. Over the years, our client has perfected their production of shipping parts and diesel oil for its various clients. Constantly striving towards more innovations and perfections in its industry.


New HR initiatives unable to be supported by previous system

Manual submission and tracking of employee benefits

Manual drawing of graphs and charts for multiple recurrent reports


Integration of end-to-end payroll processing continuum on a single, unified technology

Reduce time wasted duplicating information and susceptible to human error

Pre-built analytics and report builder reducing manual data copy and paste

Enable HR team to redirect time and reallocated effort to more valuable strategic business thinking


Precision Engineering

Services & Solutions

Human Capital Management System (HR Foundation + Workforce Administration Module)

Pre-built Analytics and Reports Builder