Case Study

Supply Chain MNC optimizes risk management by payroll outsourcing


Having a reputation as one of the world’s leading Supply Chain organizations, our client opened its doors to the world in Switzerland some 81 years ago. Over the years, our client’s supply chain empire has grown tremendously and is currently operating in over 75 countries globally. With its operations across over 75 countries globally, our client has a total of approximately 15,000 employees proudly carrying its brand name. Constantly priding themselves on the service level by their employees, our client constantly ensures that their employees constantly feel appreciated by the organization.


High turn-over rate in HR department due to payroll & workforce complexities

Faces high compliance & risk issues pertaining to advanced salary payouts

Manual tracking & monitoring of time-attendance & overtime nearly 20 cost centers island-wide


Increased employee retention rate across the board

Reduction of non-compliance payroll risks for multiple pay cycles

Reduction of over-time payments with accurate time-attendance monitoring


Supply Chain/Logistics